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Dr. Andrew

So you are wondering what this was all about?dr andrew_dr_prudence

Honorary PhDs bestowed upon us by AUGP via UN

We were also as shocked as you are but we still give glory to God, the King of heaven

It was all tears of joy and disbelief – little Thomases!


3 honours in one!

Andrew & Prudence Chikwanha (Now Drs)

This was such an amazing event when we were both told that we were candidate to receive not only honorary PhDs in Divinity and Women’s Health but also to receive an honour of becoming Ambassadors at Large and to receive certificates of Excellence. This year as God promised is full of abundant blessings. We thank God! and His servants Dr Pepe Ramnath  & Dr Madhu Krishan

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  • Tendai
    18th August 2016 - 7:58 pm Reply

    Awesome. God never cease to amaze us. Keep your heads high lifted in praise to Him alone.

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