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Charity – Better Days

AFFILIATED to NDKF , Our charity is known as Better Days.
This name came from the desire that we have, to try and see to it that everyone experiences better days while here on planet earth. Our main aim is to help those that are in need, from the disabled, the less privileged to the widowed and those that are in diverse life difficulties.

We work with nursing homes, children’s homes, orphanages, schools, victims of natural disasters and genocides.


Better Days recently got involved in assisting  with clothes , food and financial help to the victims of The Hayain Typhoon which killed many thousands and left a lot more thousands homeless and with nowhere to find help in the Philippines. We collected boxes of clothing and through networking with another Charitable
organisation , managed to send the clothes to the Philippines.


We work closely
with a Specialist College for sports and arts which specialises in teaching disabled children . We help them financially and also through other means like fundraising through sponsored events. We do voluntary work in  schools , hospitals , residential and nursing homes. Our volunteers are always available when needed.


We have been involved in sending hospital  equipment ,clothes , toys and many other goods to  African countries . One of the main recipients was Zimbabwe. In Zimbabwe Better Days has already acquired land to erect a state of the art orphanage that will house Aids Orphans that struggle with no one to take care of them. The aim is to expand the orphanage to a school and eventually a vocational skills college where these children will not only be educated academically but also equipped with life skills to be able to fend for themselves and others.

This idea will be expanded in many other parts of the world.


We have financially helped  some struggling families in India . We have given money to start projects to talented artists , like () who went on to enrol at a college to improve his artistic talent.