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MENTACT Men’s Ministry

Men are not in church.  Most men think church is not a place to be and yet most men are perishing.  Our men’s ministries is all about equipping men to lead in their God- appointed roles as the leaders of families. A lot of Men leave their spouses and children. But we want to harbor the departure of men from their households. Our ministry is a resource for all men , both you and old . We prepare sessions that are tailor –made for the needs of men.  We encourage a fresh start to all those that come to our ministry.

We have meetings, men’s breakfast and men’s outings.  We intentionally create an environment where men can thrive in every aspect of daily life and also church life.  Our MENTACT group provides men with resources to develop godly character and to equip them to influence their world for Christ. Most men lack integrity. And this is our strength. We model men to have integrity in their sphere of influence.

We promote accountability among men by emphasizing trust.

Our Meetings:

We meet every 1st Saturday of the month

Time:   1000-1130

Venue:  Church Office or  TBA monthly